Space in Your Face!

is an educational event where scientists discuss various topics of space science in comical and entertaining ways. This project was started in February 2013 by astrobiologist Julia DeMarines in Denver, Colorado. Julia is a research associate at the University of California, Berkeley SETI Research Center and the public outreach coordinator at Blue Marble Space not-for-profit organization. Since its inception Space in Your Face! has now expanded and has been held in Colorado, California, Washington, and Washington DC. and boasts over 50 live events.

The objective of Space in Your Face! is to communicate space-science in entertaining and easy to digest ways often incorporating both experts and local artists to cater to the widest range of learners as possible. Our events often feature a variety of skits, science lecture, and cover songs. We end each event with a quiz with PRIZES!


Space in Your Face! for kiddos will be on hiatus until further notice. WE MISS YOU, THOUGH!

June update: Join us for an adult Space in Your Face! coming soon. Watch this space. (lol. space.)


Recently passed events:
December 6th 2019, Chabot Space & Science Center
First Friday: Science of Candy – $5
Space in Your Face! presents: SWEETS ‘N SPAAAAAACE!

March 15th, Chabot Space & Science Center
Lectures and Lasers

December 7th – Oakland, CA – Chabot Space & Science Center – 8:15pm – Megadome
Constellations: The history, the myths, the science. More info here.


November 23rd – Washington, DC – 7-8pm Cotton & Reed distillery. 1330 5th st NE DC Event details here!

November 25th – Washington DC – 7-9pm Busboys & Poets – Takoma Park. Event details here!